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People at University City Arts League


Image of People at University City Arts League

Acrylic on canvas
Jaither West
24" x 36"


This piece is currently on display in the galleries at Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens as part of the special exhibition, “Visionary Voices.” The piece will on display for the duration of the exhibition and will not be available for pickup or scheduled for shipping until after the exhibition closes on Sunday, February 23, 2020.

Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens’ Exhibitions Manager will contact buyers regarding pickup or to schedule shipping one (1) week prior to the closing of the exhibition.


This work of art does not include shipping in the order. Shipping rates are estimated based on size and weight of the piece, address, and include shipping insurance. For a shipping estimate and/or to add shipping to your order, please contact PMG’s Exhibitions Manager, Adam Mazur, at exhibitions@phillymagicgardens.org or call 215-733-0390 x 118.